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Viva Voce
"What a great CD! Not only is it technically brilliant in the rudiments of just having things happen together, in tune, in time and balanced; this recording displays some great individual artistry in phrasing, rubati and expressive interpretation. Steven's music is current, fun, challenging, engaging and, above all, heart-felt."

-Gene Pokorny
Principal Tuba, Chicago Symphony Orchestra

cover to sotto voce's album viva voce

This CD received the Roger Bobo Award for Excellence in recording and contains all the quartets written by renowned pedagogue John Stevens.


An exerpt from Power

An exerpt from the second movement, Chorale, of "Music 4 Tubas"

An exerpt from Dances

An exerpt from "Rock", the first movement of Manhattan Suite

An exerpt from "Slow", the second movement of Diversions

An exerpt from Moondance

An exerpt from Viva Voce!

An exerpt from Benediction


Music 4 Tubas
I. Lively
II. Chorale
III. Rock
Manhattan Suite
I. Rock
II. Slow Swing
III. Jazz Waltz
IV. Slow and Free, Suddenly Much Faster
I. Latin Feel
II. Slow, Free Very Bluesy
III. Fast
Fanfare for a Friend
Viva Voce!

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